Who are we ?

The field of Islamic cultures and knowledge is the subject of much research work but suffers, at the same time, from a real knowledge deficit which sometimes leaves a preponderant voice to the play of stereotypes and prejudices.

The EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF ISLAMIC CULTURES AND KNOWLEDGE – AECSI – by its independent, apolitical and areligious character proposes to show the abundance and diversity of the work carried out by teams of researchers and scientists often not very visible to large numbers, and to make this knowledge and these practices accessible to those who aspire to a better understanding of the Islamic worlds.

AECSI therefore aims to be a space for the production, organization and dissemination of Islamic cultures and knowledge through actions as varied as the production of collective books, the organization and dissemination of events (conferences, colloquiums, seminars, awards ceremony, etc.), particularly within the framework of partnerships.



The AECSI aims, therefore, to promote the sharing of knowledge, on both sides of the Mediterranean and well beyond, all on the basis of a scientific and academic approach, multidisciplinary and cross-fertilization between the worlds. and the worlds in which and with which they operate.


Means of action

  • Production of collective books ;
  • Organization and dissemination of events.


Our strengths

  • Our networks of academics and intellectuals from academia, economics, politics and civil society.
  • A strong team, motivated and concerned with working towards the achievement of AECSI’s objectives.
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