The role of sponsorship

AECSI’s actions are partly financed by contributions from its members and by public subsidies (Europe, local authorities) but also by donations from patrons, individuals, foundations, companies wishing to participate in its development by giving it the means of achieving its objectives.

We therefore need your support to continue working to strengthen the cultural and scientific links that animate our plural societies.

Why become a patron?

A non-profit non-governmental organization, AECSI allows you to get involved in large-scale cultural and scientific projects by benefiting from the tax advantages defined by the law of August 1, 2003 relating to sponsorship, associations and foundations: your support is a commitment that helps to enlighten and open up perspectives of access to knowledge and understanding of these eclectic worlds.

How to become a patron?

You can choose the type of sponsorship that best meets your commitment to our side:

    financial / donation partnership: you support AECSI in the form of cash contributions;

    skills sponsorship: you put your company’s skills at our disposal (examples: communication, loans of places for our events, technical and logistical support);

    promotion of our activities: you give us visibility on your media: press, TV, radio, posters, website, publications;

Sponsorship, partnership

    event partnership: it allows you to participate in our events by associating yourself, on an equal basis, with AECSI.

Becoming our partner means promoting AECSI’s ideals of culture and knowledge that work to advance our modern and inclusive societies.

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